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The Joseph Project: Connecting those genuinely seeking opportunity with opportunities that already exist.

"It's not just about a job. It's about changing lives." -- Willie McShan, Joseph Project Graduate

Men and women of all ages have found life-changing employment.

The weeklong sessions cover topics topics such as teamwork, time management, financial management, conflict resolution and spiritual fitness

Orientation sessions for all interested job seekers are held every Wednesday at 9:45am at Greater Praise Church of God in Christ

"When you succeed, other will succeed, too." -- Sen. Ron Johnson

The Joseph Project removes the biggest barrier to employment - not having a ride to work.

The Joseph Project is a faith-based jobs initiative to connect people with jobs.  Participants go through a weeklong life skills training program and then are offered a chance to interview with companies looking to hire.

In six years of traveling around Wisconsin, I have yet to visit a manufacturing company that can find enough people to meet their hiring needs, but you look at neighborhoods in Milwaukee and still see high rates of unemployment. That¹s why we started The Joseph Project. We saw a need for making the connection between people who are genuinely seeking opportunity and the opportunities that exist around the state. This project is designed for those who want to turn their lives around and experience the dignity of being able to provide for themselves and their families. Participants who have completed the program are earning good wages that allow them to buy cars, stay current paying household bills, and deposit savings in the bank. --- Senator Ron Johnson

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